Custom Xbox One Elite Controllers

Take the performance customization of the Xbox Elite controller to the next level and create a truly unique gaming experience. You can also choose your color preference for the removable paddles and interchangeable, stainless steel d-pads. The painted Elite backs come standard with our SureGrip finish to maintain the rubber grip feel of the standard Elite back. Orders will include the Elite carrying case, USB cable and all interchangeable parts. Priced from $149.99 Customize
Loading Live Design Custom Xbox One Elite Controller

Custom Xbox One Controllers

Use our photo-realistic Lab to create a visual masterpiece from your Xbox One controller. We don't stop with only offering far more customization options than any other custom controller company. We also offer performance upgrades like remappable rear buttons enabling you to play like a pro and have one of the most elite custom controllers in the world. Priced from $69.99 Customize
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Custom Playstation 4 Controllers

All of the top gamers are highly skilled and rely on top tier gear. Make them look like amateurs with your precision, optimized custom controller. Customize your PS4 controller in our Lab to see exactly what your cutting edge custom controller will look like before you order it. Add rear buttons to really take your game to the next level. Priced from $69.99 Customize
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Xbox 360 Controllers

We combine custom controller design options and performance options that you simply will not find anywhere else for your custom controller. Add your name or gamertag, choose one of our graphics or add your own, match it to your favorite colors, then top it off with your preferred surface finish among many other options. We allow you to create the dream custom controller. Priced from $69.99 Customize
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Cases for Custom Controllers

Our cases exceed IP67 waterproof rating. They are regularly submerged for 24-hours tests to confirm. Each case is made entirely of high-strength polymer to ensure they are 100% rustproof. In addition, they exceed MIL STD including stacking, dropping and 95% humidity at 120 degrees F. They are the only cases on the market to meet the military standard MIL-PRF 28800. Store your custom controller in style and safety. Priced from $39.99 Shop Now!
Custom Controller Cases

No Waiting for Custom Controllers

If you would rather not wait on a custom controller to be made, you can always purchase one of our ready-to-ship controllers from our Store page. For example, our Digitalism design shown here can be shipped immediately. You can add any of a wide variety of grips in many colors for some personalization and a custom-fitted case. Our ready-to-ship controllers use the same ultra high grade paints and finishes that we are known for. Priced from $129.99 Shop Now!
Ready to Ship Custom Controller

Rear Buttons for Custom Controllers

If performance mods are your style, we offer buttons for the rear of our custom controllers. These can be mapped to any buttons you want. We also offer a remappable option so you can change them anytime. Be the envy of your friends, or take your game to the next level and compete with the pros. Priced from $14.99 Customize
Custom Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Playstation 4 Controller Buttons

Redefining how industry provides customization, since 2008 The Controller Shop has made art and science of customizing and improving what is inarguably the most important element in professional, competitive and casual video gaming: the controller. Building the foundation for the custom controller industry, since 2008 we have spent millions of dollars on our state-of-the-art production process and patent-pending controller improvements like remappable pedals and rear buttons, advanced surface finishes, and much more. Use our exclusive live, photo-realistic preview, called the Lab, to see exactly how your custom controller will appear. Rely on our close-up, high-resolution images of our custom controllers as assurance that you will receive the highest-quality product available anywhere.

Delivering the most personalized, highest quality, and highest performance custom controllers that have ever been available was not enough. We decided that equally as important is the process available to our customers to customize and configure the custom controller. This is why we developed the Lab. This exclusive feature allows you to configure, from an infinite number of possible configurations, exactly how your custom controller is designed with your text, font, colors, graphics, and much more. Get the greatest custom controller in the world and see exactly what it will look like before you order, only from The Controller Shop.